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12-Dec-2017 15:51

The Fitbit Ionic Might Be the Smartwatch That Unseats Apple All images: Alex Cranz/Gizmodo After months of leaks and hints, Fibit has finally revealed its newest wrist wearable: The 0 Fitbit Ionic start internet datingwebsite biz.

It allows for call, text, and calendar notifications.

A smartwatch, even an unattractive one, makes sense for Fitbit right now.

Theoretically, it can handle notifications from other apps as well, and I managed to get it to work with three of the other apps on my phone.

That’s not a super competitive price, but it’s cheaper than the better looking watches on Android Wear and priced the same as the super successful Apple Watch—which is rumored to have its own update coming in September.

At launch it is expected to work with Mastercard, Visa, and American Express—though Fitbit insists its working with banks for better interoperability. All of it will play via Bluetooth headphones, including the pair Fitbit itself is launching around the same time.

They’re expected to be designed in Fitbit Studio, a new web-based tool, similar to the one the defunct Pebble used to rapidly build a library of apps.

When it comes to style it can’t hope to beat Google and its myriad of partners in the fashion world.

And Fitbit had better cross its fingers they do, because at launch there will be exactly four non-Fitbit apps available on the Ionic: a Starbucks, Accuweather, cycling app Strava, and Pandora.

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Fitbit claims up to four days of battery life, a refined OS that pairs nicely with devices running i OS, Android, and Windows, and a brand new sensor for tracking your heart rate.While you won’t find a Xiaomi fitness tracker or smartwatch on many wrists in America, you will find the Apple Watch.