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29-Jun-2018 13:46

“I like to think I’ll stay in for a career, which is 20 years,” she said.

“Then I’ll retire from the military…and go into private practice as a civilian.” Another difference may be more mental than tangible—that would be her sense of maturity and responsibility.

As a combat videographer, Allen’s job is to deploy and get footage of the mission in Afghanistan.

She hasn’t left on the deployment yet, and probably will not for about a year, but until then she’s stationed at an Air Force Base where she trains.

But a few years from now, her life will change in a big way. In that role, she will serve as a physician on active duty.

In 2012, she will graduate and be promoted to Captain in the U. She hasn’t decided if she’ll stay on past her mandatory service (her residency, plus 4 to 6 years of service to pay back the residency).

I have an (intense) profession & I stay on top of the game.

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“The biggest difference between being a soldier and a civilian is that there is a mental understanding that you are invaluable [in the Army].She received a ,000 cash bonus when she enlisted and paid off all her undergraduate loans.