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(1956), Come Fly with Me (1958), Only the Lonely (1958) and Nice 'n' Easy (1960).

Sinatra left Capitol in 1960 to start his own record label, Reprise Records, and released a string of successful albums.

Sinatra was also heavily involved with politics from the mid-1940s, and actively campaigned for presidents such as Harry S. While Sinatra never formally learned how to read music, he had an impressive understanding of it, and he worked very hard from a young age to improve his abilities in all aspects of music.

A perfectionist, renowned for his dress sense and performing presence, he always insisted on recording live with his band.

Fred Tamburro, the group's baritone, stated that "Frank hung around us like we were gods or something", admitting that they only took him on board because he owned a car In March 1939, saxophone player Frank Mane, who knew Sinatra from Jersey City radio station WAAT where both performed on live broadcasts, arranged for him to audition and record "Our Love", his first solo studio recording.

During the Great Depression, Dolly provided money to her son for outings with friends and to buy expensive clothes, resulting in neighbors describing him as the "best-dressed kid in the neighborhood"."They'd fought through his childhood and continued to do so until her dying day.

His bright blue eyes earned him the popular nickname "Ol' Blue Eyes".

Amongst the subjects covered at the conference were 'RADIO-FREQUENCY WEAPONS, HIGH POWERED MICROWAVE TECHNOLOGY, ACOUSTIC TECHNOLOGY' (used to transmit subliminal voices into a victims head), VOICE SYNTHESIS, and APPLICATION OF EXTREME FREQUENCY ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS TO NON-LETHAL WEAPONS.… continue reading »

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Contact: Kipu Kai Kuali'i, Executive Director, 815 16th St #4020, N.… continue reading »

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7pm: doors open | 7.40-8.10pm: support TBC | 8.40-10.30pm: Tom Chaplin You may think you know Tom Chaplin.… continue reading »

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A null value in a relational database is used when the value in a column is unknown or missing. These CLR nullable types represent an instance of the Nullable structure.… continue reading »

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Valeas ind the mha can help prepare students to contact your liaison today and learn more.… continue reading »

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