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One of the most difficult things to cope with is watching the one that hurt you, trot off unscathed, while you are left writhing in agony.

While it may look rosy from where he’s standing, keep in mind that while you have the ability to grow and become a better person, your Narcissist does not.

Anger is commonly used as a manipulation tactic, or as a control mechanism to keep his minions in line and on their toes.

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They lack empathy and you can’t make someone accountable when they just don’t care.When he sees something, he wants it and he goes after it, but if there are obstacles in the way they can be a source of great irritation.When people don’t dance to his tune and acknowledge his superiority he will become exceedingly annoyed.Understanding how the enemy thinks and feels is one thing, but when you apply that to various approaches, you will see why any action you take is futile: Reason: How do you reason with someone that twists the facts and has an aversion to the truth? They minimize, rationalize and distort their involvement.

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When they have behaved badly, you can bet they’ve found a reason or a hundred that it’s entirely your fault.

Boredom: Narcissists have a very low tolerance for routine.

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