Dating selfish boyfriend

02-Aug-2017 23:34

If you no longer think your dude is cute, then why are you still dating him?Source: Shutter Stock When you're with your friends, you're happy: smiling, laughing, being a total goofball.If you're constantly feeling jealous of your single friends and wishing you could be out there with them, that might indicate that you actually want to be single also. When your boyfriend can't do anything without making you want to pull your hair out in frustration, that's not good.Source: Shutter Stock When you first started dating your boyfriend, you probably thought the weird little things about him were adorable. If everything he does and says is doing more than just bugging you, but actually making you really angry, things might be over.These clues weren’t there to make you paranoid – they were there to give you a hint that your relationship may need some help.Well, guys aren’t the only ones who can do that breaking up stuff – girls can too.But whenever your boyfriend comes around, your whole personality changes.Suddenly, you're irritable, bored and kind of bummed out. You may need to start paying close attention to your moods, but if you notice a pattern similar to that, it's a definite warning sign.

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Miss Peake said that since she went public about her infertility, several female friends had thanked her for speaking out, saying the problem was often viewed as something shameful.These sufferers of Seasonal Dating Disorder (SDD) do not dream of long-term love – they just want someone to cuddle up to now the cold nights are starting to draw in.