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Now, RT_TEST would create in its schema: [email protected] create or replace 2 function RUN_CMD( p_cmd in varchar2) return number 3 as 4 language java 5 name 'Util. File Permission', '/tmp/*', 'execute'); dbms_java.grant_permission ('SCOTT', '

JServer Permission exec rc('c:\windows\command /c dir'); Oracle Process.create(Oracle Process.java) at oracle.lang. D:\Oracle\Ora81\DATABASE November 22, 2001 - am UTC Well, it looks like it just started up a command shell -- did not process the "/c dir" part of it (hence the apparent HANG -- it was waiting for someone to type "exit".

I do not know Java or Pro C (nor do I currently have the time to learn them). 8.1.6 added lots of new security features so this would be a little different in 8.1.5 but mostly the same. I'm going to grant as little as I have to get allow us to execute the program /usr/bin/ps. I think 'Steve' is Tom's alter ego -- you know, the one who is answering questions and such on Thanksgiving! hi tom Sorry for disturbance on thanks giving but my problem is critical i have to implement this on coming MONDAY when i run exec rc('c:\windows\/c dir'); it never come back THIS TIME I SET SQL_TRACE = TRUE AND LOG FILE IS AS FOLLOWS I KILLED SESSION FOR THREE TIMES AND CHECK LOG FILE EACH TIME.

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That's why we use cookies to improve our sites, to offer information based on your interests and to interact with social media.That would let you for example "sh -c rm -rf /*" and erase everything oracle is allowed to erase.So, my real suggestion would be to create a script that has the commands you want to execute and you run THAT script from the database.Give your self the permission to run that one command -- not /bin/sh Tom, I found this information to be very helpful. I have a question about using the ftp command instead of the ps command.

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When I run the ps command everything work fine, but when I run the ftp command ("/usr/bin/ftp -vin January 17, 2002 - am UTC ftp is waiting for the username and password to be entered and ftp refuses to read this from stdin as you are trying (i assume you have the username/password in the parfile.txt) Do a man on netrc to see how to setup a .netrc (in the ORACLE account -- could be somewhat "dangerous").

A better approach might be to use some java classes that let you PROCEDURALLY do an ftp from java -- in that fashion, you can alleviate the inherit security issues with the .netrc file solution.