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16-Jun-2018 21:22

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Im just glad i havent wasted money on this game or id be madder then i already am starting this game over and over again and this is the reason i dont! Can't travel between levels without bogging down the game with commercials. Not one ad per level, every single time you log in.

Game glitches a lot more often or completely freezes, causing your crops to wither b/c you don't have time to sit through every ad.

This is crap that this is the 4th time restaring this game!

You should have this game with facebook so you dont lose everything youve built like wwe supercard!

I can delete it if it freezes but you facebook to retrieve my game so i dont have to start over again!

It a fun game till you have to do this over and over again then it just become a pain!

Getting so's it's just one disappointment after another.

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updating supercard os

What a bad surprise it was to see that this new version has forced ads. Players with highest levels usually spend the most $$....would rate 5 stars if game awarded more free smurfberries.I don't remember what level I was on but it's all gone now.All the time effort and patients I put into buildin, expandin and setting up my village just for it to all disappear like it never existed.On that device, it totally can't open anymore eventough I missed my village. If buy a new phone I need to start over again this game. Because once day your phone will also become eliminate from latest Android version. Please do something about all the videos and ads I'm forced to watch!!!! Also everything is so expensive , please allow us to buy thing with gold instead of smurfberries because smurfberries are hard to get .please do this and fix the exiting problem and I'll give five stars.

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A week ago when i got this this device, I decided to install this game again and start play it from beginning. And when you consider to buy a new phone, this game cannot continue on the new phone. you can take this game and shove it up you smurf blue a$$.. Did you not know people wouldn't quit and stop spending money..5 star rating is a lie. I have always loved this game since I was young, however it is really annoying how if you have a huge empire of smurfs and then your tablet or phone starts messing up on you, so you need to reset it but you can't save your village to Facebook or anything you can only share the game.

I contacted customer service in regards to being reimbursed for previously purchased smurfberries. I really like playing this game and the graphics are really good. Even more aggravating is that after watching said videos, I try to exit and it majes me exit my entire game.... I've started playing again 5 months ago after giving it up for 4 years because an update erased my entire village after I had played for 7 months.