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Now, while the average female may sometimes have roughly the same timescale when she masturbates herself, when she is in a sexual situation with a partner, she generally needs anything between 10 and 15 minutes of clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm if there has been enough foreplay. He achieves the latter by looking at his partner's body, by talking erotically to her or hearing her talk erotically, by fantasizing sexually in a whole host of ways.

In fact, while actually engaged in fucking, the average male can scarcely avoid responding to such psychological stimulation.

Sure, not every woman wants to know how to enjoy female ejaculation and not everybody believes it is even real but if you're interested in exploring the boundaries of your sexuality as a couple, this is undoubtedly one way to go.

If you are a woman with a man who has premature ejaculation youre probably looking for a cure, since its almost certain he wont be bothered.

She may be at the threshold of orgasm, but if distracted by one of these things, and a host of others, literally within seconds all her arousal sensations completely evaporate, and all her physical indications of arousal - erection of clitoris, swelling of labia, erection of nipples - disappear.

When the panic is over, the stimulation must begin again from scratch.

The chief requirements are a knowledge of the right ejaculation control techniques, and determination.

Nonviolent communication is one of the precepts of Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever.

Capture His Heart and Make Him Love You Forever is a great source of inspiration and mentoring for women who are lacking in confidence, or who need knowledge about men, or who are basically just frightened of extending their heart and making an emotional interaction.

The average man in a relationship, without any previous stimulation of the penis or other sensitive zones, is able to reach orgasm and ejaculate during sex by manual, oral or vaginal friction of the penis within two to five minutes of achieving full erection, unless he deliberately delays his progress towards orgasm. In other words, if a man masturbates, is fellated or enters his partner the second he reaches full erection, and makes no attempt to control his arousal sensations, he will achieve orgasm within two to five minutes of rubbing, sucking or thrusting.

Yet we're all born innocent, and we're all wounded by the experiences that we have in childhood as we grow up, wounds that effectively leave us unable to communicate or connect with other people in the way that we might wish to do so.

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Our partners speak to us in a way that we regard inappropriate or offensive, or that somehow wounds, and we react from an emotional place, rather than responding from an openhearted place of compassion.But one of the most difficult things that we can do is to seek out and improve the quality of intimate relationships, because nobody teaches us the skills we need to make a success of relationships.