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22-Jun-2018 10:37

When you speak about sex in prison a few images come to mind.The most popular being that of a male inmate bending down in the shower to pick up the soap.The fact is that prison officers work very closely with these people.You see them day in and day out and you speak to them about their lives and their families. They are sometimes expert at manipulating you and often have nothing better to do than think of ways to impress and flatter you. But reading this man’s record cured me of any passing infatuation. There is an expression my American friend Giselle introduced me to called ‘yard swole’.And as most women are the primary care givers of their children it often leads to a breakdown in the whole family.In fact many females are often in prison because of men.

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When I worked in a female prison there were often rumours about female inmates that were taken out in order to get abortions, after having had sex with male members of staff.

And despite what fellow Wonder Women writer Jemima Thackray may think after spending one whole day in Brixton Prison shadowing the chaplain, Vicky Pryce is absolutely right about this.

Many female prisoners have been coerced into committing crimes for their partners and when they end up behind bars they find themselves abandoned and they have to survive. Females are still at risk of abuse and rape and unfortunately because they are inmates there is often no legal remedy available for them to seek justice. I have sat in on adjudications where to me it was clear that the prison officer is lying but the governor will always rule in their favour.

Some inmates would get involved in sexual relationships but it was never spoken about openly.

In a male prison if someone was having sex with the ‘wing don’ it was often abusive and led to bullying from others.

In a male prison 80 per cent of visitors are female. So in other words in prison (much like life) the people that are loyal and stand by your side tend to be female.