Obese dating

07-Aug-2017 21:53

Even though I thought I wasn’t feeling critical of him, I made jokes about his weight.I don’t know whether a fly on the wall would have considered me mean. Things go well when we’re going well, and less well when we’re not. After those first few months, I settled into feeling less judgmental of obesity. When I’m angry or detached, sometimes I see a fat guy but only for a flash.

I admired that, and admired the way he projected confidence.

No one wants to lose power and feel at a disadvantage. An obese woman may believe that if her husband leaves her he could more easily replace her than she could him.

Men do tend to be more fattist when dating than women, some research suggests, probably because they tend to focus more on looks overall.

He will likely develop diabetes, and/or high blood pressure, and/or a heart condition, affecting everything from his overall health, to being able to travel, to the meals you can share together, to the feeling of living with a sick person - and you becoming his caretaker.

He sounds like a great guy, but don't take the blinders off.

The nation’s obesity epidemic may have lessened the stigma, but it remains scary.