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11-Jun-2018 17:02

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A number of hybrid schemes have been developed that combine top-down and bottom-up approaches.

For instance, in soft lithography, top-down features are replicated into plastic “stamps,” which can be coated with proteins or inorganic nanomaterials to be transferred to specific locations on a surface (Whitesides et al. A variation of this approach (PRINT) has been used to make polymeric particles, which are cast and removed using roll-to-roll manufacturing (Wang et al. This approach can independently control particle size, shape, stiffness, material, and surface chemistry (Fig. This was used to systematically explore design rules for red blood cell-shaped particles, showing that eightfold softer particles displayed 30-fold enhanced circulation times (Merkel et al. Another example is the use of photolithography to cross-link hydrogels in microfluidic channels, allowing for layered composite architectures based on interfacial flows (Helgeson et al. This approach is particularly powerful for constructing complex geometries with different functionalities (Fig.

Instead, carbon nanotubes or silicon nanowires are grown from chemical precursors in a gas or liquid phase.

A key conceptual difference is that top-down fabrication is deterministic and well controlled, whereas bottom-up assembly is stochastic and may result in defects.

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Remarkably, artificial nanostructures can also be constructed with comparable dimensions, including nanopores with ∼2-nm openings, inorganic nanowires of ∼10-nm diameter, and spherical nanoparticles of 10- to 100-nm diameter (Box 1).

Here, we review nanotechnology-based approaches for precisely measuring and perturbing living systems.