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For all intents and purposes they blend in with society around them and practice their fundamentalist religion behind closed doors.

There was a time close to the end when I found out I didn’t actually have most of the money I was making. I talked to them, they helped me with some advice on things. I went and got my GED because I dropped out of school at 14. I always wanted to be an outsider because they had food on the table. Everything is about saving and giving everything you have to the Lord. the more I dug into my own religion the more I found the people up top had all the money they ever wanted. The first year or more I was like “Hey mom, we are going to get you a house over here, and get you out. Please stop people from trying to hurt him or the Group.”V: They are not legally married to all those women. There is no proof behind anything, they are very careful not to leave evidence.

Although Jeffs remains incarcerated, he is rumored to still call shots in the small town of Colorado City, Arizona, just south of the Utah border.

The town is home to Jeffs’s present-day FLDS sect and is a thriving beacon to plural marriage.

Oats, milk and maybe some honey or molasses to sweeten it. With cows we slaughter them if they don’t have a calf every two years.”V: They work in the [Kingston] community. They do a lot of home births, they have even done their own C-sections. I want the girls there to know that sometimes it’s not their choice.

V: Honestly, to this day I have a hard time with older male figures. They would stitch them up, stitch them up if they tore a little bit during child birth. They are raised to believe the women choose who they marry, that they do it through their direction from the Lord.

Smith never made it to Utah, but the church carried the practice into the 19th century, primarily for growth and protection.

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