Libra woman and dating an aquarius man

25-Dec-2017 03:49

Curiously, thanks to the dual sexuality of Uranus, there are often feminine characteristics in the male bodies, such as broad hips, for example-and masculine characteristics in the female body, such as broad shoulders.

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The head drops abruptly forward, or cocks to one side, waiting for your reaction.Like the bewildered Alice, taken through the maze of Wonderland by Aquarian Lewis Carroll, you'll have to be constantly prepared for the unexpected with Uranians.Generally kindly and tranquil by nature, Aquarians nevertheless enjoy defying public opinion, and they secretly delight in shocking more conventional people with occasional erratic conduct.They seek quantity rather than quality in their associations, and they seldom settle down to a steady relationship for more than a limited period.

There's too much to discover around the next comer to remain tied to one or two friendships exclusively.

It does little good to make an emotional appeal to such an impersonal nature, but if you touch the heart of an Aquarian (which is not the same thing as mere emotion), he'll usually get off his bicycle and come back to see what he might have missed.

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