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11-Dec-2017 14:08

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Older men who have reached retirement and are living on decent pensions are joined on flights to Thailand by middle aged men working in occupations in the US that allow them to take time off and still maintain good incomes.

Many choose to spend their time and spare cash in Thailand.

One of these is enhanced security through better screening and of course more facilities and resources offering a more comprehensive service.' Thai Love Lines has recently upgraded its security programme which already includes a Report Abuse button on online pages and a separate button on the dating site's new Thai Chat Lines system.

As well as a live security officer at all times the site now has an e-mail detection system, regular online IP sweeps and a security agitation system which switches on one genuine profile at certain times and tracks responses and interactions.

This also includes meeting friends and partners from foreign countries.

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'People talk about Thai culture and think they are just paying lip service bit it is a very real influence for the majority of Thai women.

'I advice any Thai woman to sign up for the dating site and play it according to the rules.' International dating sites have the following components depending on the dating site itself: Thai Love Lines is Thailand's No.1 international dating site.

Based in Muang Thong Thani just outside Bangkok, the site has over 250,000 members and offers an expanded range of innovative dating services to Thai singles and people searching for love and friendship all over the world.

Ranging from pen pal relationships to online daily chat and friendship to long term relationships and marriage, it is very dynamic.

'There are now more men in western countries that enjoy a lifestyle which allows them to travel in spite of the downturn economically.Latest figures show that one in ten Thai women is using an International Thai dating site online.

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I still love this game but to force people to watch ads with nothing in return (coins, Smurfberry bits, etc.) is annoying. Went 9months with NO REPLY or resolution to any issues. The absolute worst company, they wont reply or resolve any of your problems! Pathetic, a company would treat customers in such a manner. It is a very fun game the story line quest are enough to keep me entertained(though more would be pleasant) but not overwhelming. The ads often close the app making getting to island or space before crops wither near impossible.… continue reading »

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