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“There’s no way, as a new mum, I could have let Henry cry for long … “Besides, once you get your feeding sorted, their sleeping patterns fall into place.” “I’ve never brought Henry into bed with me, which was very hard, but I wanted to teach him that his bed isn’t a scary, isolated place.

Now he’s the happiest, funniest, sweetest and most adaptable baby; he has slept in more drawers, walk-in closets and hotel bathrooms than you can imagine.

(“I can take a Muslim wherever I like,” she announces.) The people around Victoria represent the repressive white order, while the monarch herself is unprejudiced, curious, at times even healthily vulgar — the opposite of a snob.

The Queen’s household — and her son, Bertie (a.k.a.

An early banquet sequence (whenever Victoria finishes a course, it’s whisked away, to the dismay of guests still eating) would have been perfection if it had been handled lightly.