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“I climbed this sort of cliff—I am sure it wasn’t really very high,” recalls Mortensen, standing, the U. Then I got to the top and I realized how high I was.

K.’s shocking Euro Cup loss to Iceland playing in real time on the muted television. I freaked out and I was, like, screaming and crying for my dad. It was probably not very high but it seemed very big to me then.” The fear may even date back further than that. “It may be hereditary.” Mortensen, 57, is sharing this story—a quintessential moment of childhood vulnerability—in perhaps the least appropriate place to do so.

He seems to be a soul meant to wander the earth in search of universal truth, not discuss Hobbit movies over canapés with journalists.

While the three films, especially the CGI-overstuffed second and third, have never been among Mortensen’s personal favorites in his filmography, he has made inspired use of the lifestyle the worldwide mega-hits have afforded him.Mortensen can fluently speak many languages including English, Spanish, Danish, and French.He was married to his girlfriend Exene Cervenke, the singer of a Punk band X.He was 6, a year before the young Mortensen would be sent off to a remote boarding school in the mountains of Argentina, and he had gone on a camping trip with his father.

When his dad took a nap, he took the opportunity to go exploring on his own.

We are in a suite on the 14th floor of the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, ground zero for Hollywood press junkets.