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However, in fact he was spending their hard-earned savings on luxurious trips to the Caribbean and business class flights to France.

Fitt, who stole £117,137 in total from his four victims, claimed to come from a military family and serve six years in the Queen's Dragoon Guards .

He told Ms Saunders - who knew him as 'Charlie' - he had PTSD and began asking her for money after claiming the Foreign Office cancelled one of his contracts.

She gave him £2,500 for a business trip to Nigeria; £5,000 for a trip to Somalia and also paid his utility bills and financed a three-week Thailand holiday for the couple.

Nicknamed 'Colonel Blimp' by an ex-partner Fitt dated Davies and Saunders simultaneously while they financed his lifestyle of drinking and holding court in the pubs of leafy Barnes.'The four offences all involved taking money from people you met socially, who were told you were setting-up a counter-kidnap and ransom business in the Middle-East,' Recorder John Kingston told Fitt.'You persuaded them to give you money to tide you over while you got the business off the ground and you were in a relationship with the two women and these relationships overlapped.'You exaggerated your military experience and contacts and the business had little chance of success and you knew it.'These were particularly nasty offences and the two women were susceptible to being taken in by a man who had entered into a romantic relationship with them.'Their vulnerability was based on their romantic attachment to you and these offences have had a major impact on both of them'You got them to finance your lifestyle.

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He even falsely claimed his company was endorsed by the former head of the Metropolitan Police's kidnap and hostage unit.'He spent Mr. 'He said he was working on government contracts in the Middle East with other senior military leaders.'He said he won a contract for kidnap response services and I had no reason to doubt his capabilities, given his links to senior military figures,' said Mr Veljovic.

'I was hoping it would be a relationship at one point.'Ms Saunders told the jury: 'I was very worried about him, his stress levels and financial situation.

I cared about him and wanted to help.'While dating Ms Saunders Fitt was seeing policewoman Zoe Richardson and defrauded her housemate, Mr. One witness told the court Fitt sported a regimental tie in the pub one Remembrance Sunday and proudly displayed nine service medals, some SAS, for service in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Anniversaries are celebrations of special events, commemorating the birth of something new, whether a marriage or something else.

Each year that passes signifies the advancement and growth of that special institution.She funded his non-existent speaking engagement at a London Expo after being impressed by his 'Project Phoebe' business plan.'The revenue forecasts ran into several millions of pounds.