Adult date game

20-Jun-2017 14:34

Intro Hi, Maddison Actually, I could really use a shower (Male) Thanks, I really appreciate this ( 1 inf) Shower Flex your muscles ( 5 lust gym instructor) (only 2 lust other male? s go downtown Downtown Do you mind if we go to the strip club? I`ve seen better sci-fi." ( 3 Influence) Leave the cinema [if this was the fourth location you`ve visited tonight, go to Mall Exit] Clothes Store "Let`s see if there`s any good clothes." Enter the store [Do you want Maddison to buy a swimsuit or lingerie?

) Finish flexing Good Idea Spy on Maddison in the shower Dry yourself and redress I love the way it sticks to your hips ( 2 inf) Mmm, I wish I could lick those legs ( 1 lust) I love how much flesh you?? The swimsuit is required for one of the special scenes, and makes it easier to get Maddison into your hot tub.

" ( 1 Influence) Watch the show Speak to Maddison [Do you want Maddison to volunteer? It`ll be fun." Volunteer Watch the hypnotism Speak to Scarlett "Let`s make her fake an orgasm." Watch the show Watch the show ( 1 Lust) Watch the show ( 2 Lust) Let Scarlett end the show ( 3 Lust) Go back to your seat (no) "Not if you don`t want to." Watch the show Speak to Maddison ( 2 Influence) Watch the show Speak to Maddison "No.

I think I`ll try it." ( 3 Influence) Volunteer Step into the box Wait for the box to open Look down Step back inside the box Step out of the box Return to your seat ( 3 Influence, 10 Lust) Leave [if this was the fourth location you`ve visited tonight, go to Uptown Exit] Uptown Exit [You have three options here.

The Maddison VDG game is currently the largest available of this genre. Let him bowl Just imagine your celebration pose in your head when you bowl Wait to see the score ( 3 inf) I wish that stupid hair of yours would go down Let him bowl Kiss her ( 1 lust, 1 inf) Wait to see the score ( 3 inf) I bet your date could bowl better than you! Next, choose your `skin tone` (actually ethnicity). Next choose your `job` A photographer starts with 3 Influence. There is no point in not doing this, especially as certain scenes (eg. Shown Around "Why don`t you show me around your apartment? It`s cute." ( 1 Influence) "You have good taste." ( 1 Influence) "This whole place looks pretty nice and cozy." ( 1 Influence) Finish the tour [go to Clothes] Have A Shower Follow her to the bathroom "Thanks.

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If you are able therefore, I suggest you edit Poolchecks 2 and 13 and amend the figure required to a requirement of 45. The structure of the game is as follows: once you leave Maddison`s apartment you travel to one of three `hubs` (mall, uptown, downtown).Because the conversations are shared between several locations, they are listed separately under Conversation. You`re cute." ( 5 Influence) [this is clearly a bug] Speak to Maddison Look at the menu Pick salad Pick pizza Pick Jell-O Order ( 10 Influence) Wait for the waitress [Did you ask about Kelly`s art class?

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