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09-Jan-2018 00:04

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I will never say that everyone needs medication to control their ADHD, but I also think its definitely worth a try if behavioral techniques and lifestyle changes dont help.ADHD has traditionally been diagnosed more in men, but scientists have realized that it may be just as common—and often missed—in women.One day at the library I came across the book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life by Daniel Amen, MD.I was fascinated by his description of ADHD and the way it physically affects the brain; it really seemed to describe my husband all the way back to his childhood.Some people with ADHD do a lot of self-medicating with shopping, for example.In my support groups, we always laugh at the number of people who have closets at home filled with e Bay or as-seen-on-TV products.

The partners will conclude “He doesnt love me; shes so selfish; he doesnt care about our family,” while the people with ADHD think they are being unfairly criticized, because, not realizing that they have ADHD or what it truly means, they have tunnel vision and think everyone functions the same way they do. One large survey showed that ADHD costs adults billion a year in lost household income, due to lower education levels, lower-level jobs, and unemployment.

My husband is now the attentive, caring person I always knew that he was deep down.

Over-the-counter treatments include antiperspirant sprays containing aluminium which block the sweat glands and antibacterial agents to kill bacteria.… continue reading »

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